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Use of an Sm-p80-based therapeutic vaccine to kill established adult schistosome parasites in chronically infected baboons.
Karmakar, Souvik
Zhang, Weidong
Ahmad, Gul
Torben, Workineh
Alam, Mayeen U
Le, Loc
Damian, Raymond T
Wolf, Roman F
White, Gary L
Carey, David W
Carter, Darrick
Reed, Steven G
Siddiqui, Afzal A
The Journal of infectious diseases 2014 Jun 15;209: 1929-40

No vaccines are available for human use for any parasitic infections, including the helminthic disease schistosomiasis. Sm-p80, the large subunit of Schistosoma mansoni calpain, is a leading antigen candidate for a schistosomiasis vaccine. Prophylactic and antifecundity efficacies of Sm-p80 have been tested using a variety of vaccine approaches in both rodent and nonhuman primate models. However, the therapeutic efficacy of a Sm-p80-based vaccine had not been determined. In this study, we evaluated the therapeutic efficacy of Sm-p80 by using 2 different strategies and 3 Sm-p80-based vaccine formulations in baboons. Vaccine formulations were able to decrease established adult worms by 10%-36%, reduce retention of eggs in tissues by 10%-57%, and decrease egg excretion in feces by 13%-33%, compared with control formulations. Marked differences were observed in B and T cell immune correlates between vaccinated and control animals. This is the first report of killing of established adult schistosome worms by a vaccine. In addition to distinct prophylactic efficacy of Sm-p80, this study adds to the evidence that Sm-p80 is a potentially important antigen with both substantial prophylactic and therapeutic efficacies. These data reinforce that Sm-p80 should be moved forward along the path toward human clinical trials.

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