Ordering information

How to place your order at U-CyTech

Orders can be placed online at www.ucytech.com, e-mail or regular mail. We ship orders worldwide and, next to that, in several countries you may buy our products through local distributors.

For online ordering at ucytech.com you can create an account on the left side of the screen. Please note that our product prices do not include shipping costs, (import) taxes and duties and these costs are also not calculated in the mentioned total of online orders. Final pricing will be provided by e-mail.

For orders e-mail or regular mail, please contact us at:

U-CyTech biosciences
Yalelaan 48
3584 CM Utrecht
The Netherlands
E-mail customer service: cs @ ucytech.com

When you contact us and share with us your personal details, you might like to know how we handle your personal data. Please read our Privacy statement for more details on this matter.

The following information is required with each order:

  • Purchase order number and date
  • Buyer’s name and/or e-mail address
  • Researcher’s name, phone number and/or e-mail address
  • Catalogue number, description of product and quantity
  • Delivery address (including postal code)
  • Invoice address (if different from delivery address)
  • Tax ID or IRS number (USA only)
  • VAT number (for tax-exempt intra-community supply of goods within European community)
  • FedEx account number (if available)


Prices & terms

All orders are subject to availability. Order acceptance and final pricing will be provided by e-mail. Prices do not include shipping costs, VAT, state or import taxes and duties. If applicable, taxes and duties will be charged by FedEx. Click here for information about shipping.
Current prices are available through our website (www.ucytech.com) or by contacting our customer service (e-mail: cs @ ucytech.com; phone: +31.85 073 1460). For an overview of our products with prices, please download here a price list
A surcharge of 20.00 euro will be charged when an order does not exceed 150.00 euro.

Conditions of sale
On all our deliveries and services, the Delivery Terms of U-CyTech are applicable which have been filed at the Chamber of Commerce of Utrecht, The Netherlands (reg. no. MM H301548610000). The registration number of U-CyTech B.V. at the Chamber of Commerce of Utrecht is 30154861.
Invoices are sent within 24h of shipping the order. Terms of payment are 30 days net from the invoice date. Customers may be asked to prepay against pro forma invoice.
Payments are to be made by bank transfer. Please find the bank details below.
Checks are not accepted.

Bank details:
  Bank Account Name: ABN-AMRO bank
  Bank Postal Address:
  PO box 2059
  3500 GB Utrecht
  The Netherlands
  Company: U-CYTECH B.V.
  IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL56ABNA 053 66 33 622
  BIC (Bank Identifier Code) (Swift address): ABNA NL 2A
  Bank Account Number: 53 66 33 622
  Company VAT no. NL 807 640 566 B01
U-CyTech also accepts Visa and MasterCard for most countries. You can place credit card orders by e-mail or online in our web shop by ticking the checkbox 'Pay by Creditcard' when reviewing your order before submitting it. 
For sercurity reasons we will not process your Visa or Mastercard payment ourselves and therefore we do not accept you send us your card details. If you wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard, we will send you an e-mail containing the invoice and with a link to a secure website of Pay per Link by Ingenico and PaySquare. You will be requested to follow this link to complete your credit card payment for your order. Upon receiving the confirmation of your payment, your order will be shipped.


Shipping & Delivery

Delivery of products
Products are shipped via FedEx courier service world wide. Most products are shipped at ambient temperature. Unless otherwise specified, products are shipped F.C.A. origin. Orders are processed daily. Shipping to destinations within Europe usually takes place Monday through Wednesday (next day delivery). Deliveries to other destinations usually takes place Monday and Tuesday (count one to three working days for delivery). If the order is received before 10 a.m. Central European time on Friday, the products are shipped the following Monday.

Shipping costs
For orders over 1500 euro, no shipping costs are charged. If the order is below 1500 euro, shipping costs are pre-paid and added to the invoice. Alternatively, when a FedEx account number is provided these costs can be charged on the FedEx account.

For a complete list of our shipping prices, please download here an overview of the shipping prices on the last page of our price list. These prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Bulk quantities
Many of the items mentioned in this catalogue can be purchased in bulk quantities at reduced pricing. Please contact us for further information.
We also provide evaluation samples, reserve specific lots and set-up release dates and shipping schedules. So you will receive the materials, when needed.
Product use
Products supplied by U-CyTech are for Research Use Only. They are not to be used as drugs, food additives, cosmetics, household chemicals or agriculture products. Although certain products may be used for investigation in living animals, neither the animals nor parts of animals used in such studies or any of the resulting products may be used as food for humans or animals.
Limited Warranty
U-CyTech is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service. We warrant that at the time of shipment, products conform to the specifications in the data sheets and are supplied free from defects in materials and performance. If a U-CyTech product fails to conform to the indicated specifications, U-CyTech will either replace the item at no additional charge or refund the full purchase price.