mAb anti-monkey CD3 (clone FN-18)

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mAb anti-monkey CD3 (clone FN-18) - 0.5 mg
clone FN-18
The monoclonal antibody to monkey CD3 (clone FN-18) was first described in 1986. The FN-18 antibody can be used in immunohistochemical staining of frozen tissues (Jonker M. et al. 2013), flow cytometric analysis (Frost P.A. et al. 2004) and intracellular staining (Aurisicchio L. et al. 2007). Further, the antibody is able to stimulate rhesus macaque PBMC (Kim J.S. et al. 2009). The FN-18 antibody has been reported to cross react with rhesus macaque, cynomolgus monkey and baboon CD3 (Nooij F.J.M. et al. 1986, Stittelaar K.J. et al. 2001 and Frost P.A. et al. 2004). Other available formats: biotin labeled (cat. no. CT162), FITC labeled (cat. no. CT163) and Cy5 labeled (cat. no. CT165).

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