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Modulation of inflammatory bowel disease in a mouse model following infection with Trichinella spiralis.
Zhao, Y
Liu, M Y
Wang, X L
Liu, X L
Yang, Y
Zou, H B
Sun, S M
Yu, L
Rosenthal, B
Shi, H N
Boireau, P
Wu, X P
Veterinary parasitology 2013 May 20;194: 211-6

Infection of mice with Trichinella spiralis redirects the mucosal immune system from a Th1 to a protective Th2 response with a reduction in the severity of trinitrobenzesulfonic acid-induced colonic damage. T. spiralis infection induced IL-10 production in a dose-dependent manner in oxazolone (OXZ)-induced colitis. This phenomenon may be responsible for the lack of efficacy of T. spiralis in the treatment of OXZ-induced colitis. These results indicate that if the source of increased IL-10 production is identified and addressed, T. spiralis may alter the Th2 response.

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