96-well transparent plate (NUNC)

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96-well transparent plate (NUNC) - 5 plates
96-well transparent plate (NUNC)

These transparent polystyrene F-bottomed 96-well plates (NUNC A/S) have been selected for use in the ELISPOT assay with silver staining agents (producing "black" spots). The plates have a transparent bottom and require an inverted microscope for spot counting, when used in ELISPOT assays. These plates should not be used in the ELISPOT assay with enzymatic staining agents (producing "red" spots). Upon ordering, you will receive 5 plates, 5 low evaporation lids and 10 adhesive cover slips.

Please note that the plates and lids are packed as pack of 5; one pack with 5 plates and one pack with 5 lids. Thus, the plates and lids are not single packed.